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Bruce Lee born at Jackson Street Hospital, San Francisco CA
Appears in his first film “Golden Gate Girl” (a.k.a. Tears of San Francisco) at the age of 3 months
Travels back to Hong Kong with his parents
Appears in first real acting film role "The Birth of Mankind"
Premier of "Wealth is Like a Dream"
Premier of "Sai See in the Dream, The Story of Fan Lei-fa"

Premier of "Blooms and Butterflies" 
Premier of "The Kid" (a.k.a. My Son A-Chang)
Premier of "The Birth of Mankind" (a.k.a The Beginning of a Boy, a.k.a. Infancy)
Bruce enters La Salle College in Hong Kong
Begins studying Wing Chun
Premier of "The Guiding Light" (a.k.a. A Son is Born)
Premier of "A Mother Remembers" (a.k.a. A Mother’s Tears)
Premier of "It’s Father’s Fault" (a.k.a. Blame It on Father/Sins of the Father)
Premier of "A Myriad Homes" (a.k.a Countless Families/Ten Million People)
Premier of "In the Face of Demolition"
Premier of "Love Part I"
Premier of "Love Part II" (a.k.a. The Carnival)
Premier of "An Orphan’s Tragedy"
Premier of "The Faithful Wife"
Premier of "Orphan’s Song"
Premier of "We Owe It to Our Children" (a.k.a. The More the Merrier/Debt Between Mother and Son)
Premier of "Sweet Time Together" (a.k.a. Wise Guys Who Fool Around)

Enters St. Francis Xavier High School

Premier of "Too Late for Divorce"
Premier of "Thunderstorm"
Premier of "Darling Girl"
Wins Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship
Defeats 3 yr champ Gary Elms in boxing competitions at the King George V school
Defeats Chinese boxer student of Lung Chi Chuen on Union Road in Kowloon City
Stars in "The Orphan"
Begins learning Gung Lik Qun and Jit Qun from Sifu Jiu Hong Shang
Travels back to San Francisco, CA via "The President Wilson" steamship

The President Wilson makes its first port of call in Osaka, Japan
Arrives in San Francisco, CA

Flies to New York to visit his father who is performing for 3 weeks with the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe. Takes Southern Praying Mantis style martial art lessons from Sifu Gin Foon Mark

Enrolls in the Edison Technical School in Seattle, WA

Premier of "The Orphan" (a.k.a. Orphan Ah-Sam)

Bruce and students give a Judo & Gung Fu demonstration at Seattle's Yesler Terrace Gymnasium

Celebrates his 20th birthday with students at Tai Tung restaurant in Seattle's Chinatown

Graduates from Edison Technical School

Bruce and some of his students give a Gung Fu demonstration at Seattle's Yesler Terrace Gymnasium

Enrolls in the University of Washington

Accepts challenge from Karate Black Belt named Uechi. Defeats him at the YMCA in 11 seconds

Celebrates his 21st birthday at Bush Garden Restaurant with students in Seattle's Chinatown

Starts the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Seattle’s Chinatown at 609 S. Weller St

Spends the Thanksgiving holiday period with James & Katherine Lee in Oakland, CA

Celebrates his 22nd birthday with friends at The Lantern restaurant in Oakland, CA

Bruce and James Lee pickup 1,500 copies of Bruce's book “Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense" from the publisher in Berkley CA www.bruceleechinesegungfubook.com
Takes his student Doug Palmer back to Hong Kong for homecoming visit
Returns to Seattle and opens second gung fu school at 418 1/2 8th Avenue S
Moves Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute to 4750 University Way in Seattle's Chinatown
First date with Linda Emery at the revolving Space Needle in Seattle WA

Attends Wally Jay's 1964 luau in Alameda, CA 

Establishes gung fu school in Oakland, CA
Performs at Ed Parker’s Long Beach International Karate Tournament
Marries Linda Emery at the King County Courthouse, Seattle WA

Bruce and Linda relocate from Seattle to Oakland. They move in with James Yimm Lee and family

James Lee's wife passes away (Bruce and Linda were living with the Lee's at that time)

Gives a Wing Chun demonstration at Sun Sing Theater in San Francisco's Chinatown

Takes up challenge from Wong Jack Man. This fight convinces Bruce he needs more than Wing Chun
Brandon Lee born in Oakland, CA
Gives screen test at 20th Century Fox for TV series Charlie Chan’s Number One Son
Father Lee Hoi Chuen passes away in Hong Kong

Returns to Hong Kong for three weeks after his father's death

Takes Brandon with him and Linda to Hong Kong to visit his family
Signs a contract with 20th Century Fox as an actor
The Lee family moves to Los Angeles CA
Signs a contract with 20th Century Fox for the Green Hornet TV Series

Gives Burt Ward (Robin from the Batman show) his one and only gung fu lesson

Begins filming the Green Hornet

Pens letter to William Dozier asking for increased lines for Kato in future Green Hornet scripts

The Green Hornet begins to air on ABC-TV until July 14, 1967

Bruce appears at the South Bay Annual Karate Championships at El Camino College, Torrance CA

First appearance of the name Jeet Kune Do in his day timer
Appears as Kato on the ABC-TV series Batman
Starts the Jun Fan Gung Fu institute at 628 College Street, Chinatown

Open house seminar held at new JF Gung Fu institute

The Green Hornet series ends

Performs at the 1967 National Karate Championship Washington, DC
Appears at the All America Open Karate Championships Madison Square Garden, New York

Uses the term "Jeet Kune Do" in writing for the first time

Shoots an episode of the TV Series "Ironside"
Attends the 1967 Ed Parker International Karate Tournament in Long Beach, CA

Bruce has first training session with actor Steve McQueen at McQueen's home

Bruce holds first training session with martial arts champion Mike Stone

Chuck Norris begins training with Bruce Lee

Bruce is interviewed by college journalist Jack Jobe at an event to raise money for cerebral palsy

Bruce has first private lesson with Karate champion Joe Lewis

Bruce has business cards printed detailing his rates for private instruction

Stirling Silliphant calls Bruce to inquire about private lessions

Bruce has lunch with Stirling Silliphant and writer Joe Hyams regarding potential private instruction

Bruce starts private lessons with Stirling Silliphant and Joe Hyams

Attends National Chinese Gung Fu Exhibition at Civic Auditorium in San Francisco CA

Attends National Karate Championships in Washington, DC
Works as martial arts director on "The Wrecking Crew" starring Dean Martin
Acts as a villain in the movie "Marlowe" starring James Garner. It is released on October 31, 1969

Bruce visits Bob Smith Volkswagen-Porsche to test drive a porsche

Steve McQueen gives Bruce a puppy. Bruce names it Riff

Bruce attends an early screening of friend Steve McQueen's movie "Bullitt"
Moves to Bel Air, CA

Goes to Carrolton, Mississippi with Steve McQeen. Serves as McQueen's personal trainer for the film "The Reivers". The film is releasef on December 25, 1969

Bruce goes to actor James Coburn's place for his first private lesson
Films an episode of the TV series "Blondie"
Films an episode of the TV series "Here Comes the Brides"
Writes inspirational note “My Definite Chief Aim”

Bruce meets with screenwriter Stirling Silliphant and actor/fried James Coburn to discuss "The Silent Flute"

Bruce goes to dinner and a movie with James Coburn and his wife

Bruce, Silliphant and Coburn meet with Silliphant's nephew Mark to discuss "The Silent Flute" screenplay

Bruce has a minor accident in his Porsche

Bruce begins listening to motivational tapes and starts on a treatment for "The Silent Flute"

Bruce meets with Silliphant and Coburn regarding additional ideas he has for "The Silent Flute" 
Works as martial arts director on Stirling Silliphant's film "A Walk in the Spring Rain"
Shannon Lee born in Santa Monica, CA

Bruce, Silliphant and Coburn again meet with Silliphant's nephew Mark to discuss add'l Silent Flute updates

Bruce's mom Grace and younger brother Robert visit the Lee's in Bel Air, CA

Linda has an accident in Bruce's Porsche

Mark Silliphant is fired as screenwriter for The Silent Flute

Actress Sharon Tate and hair stylist Jay Sebring - both friends/students of Bruce - are killed by the Manson family

Bruce attends Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring's funerals

Marlowe is released to mediocre reviews

Joe Lewis' beautician wife goes to Bruce's house to highlight his hair later accusing him of making a pass at her. 

Bruce closes his Chinatown school

Travels to the Dominican Republic with Jhoon Rhee to help promote the Jhoon Rhee Institute

Teaches martial arts to director Roman Polanski in Switzerland

Bruce attends Krishnamurti public speaking engagement at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Brings 5-yr old Brandon back to Hong Kong
Bruce interviews with Michael Hui on HKTVB with Brandon for "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" 
Bruce appears in RTV "Golden Hour" show with son Brandon

Bruce returns to America
Severely injures his back lifting weights without properly warming up

Bruce has dinner with Warner Bros. executive Ted Ashley

Goes to India with James Coburn and Stirling Silliphant to scout locations for Silent Flute
Golden Harvest sends Lau Leung Wah to USA to convince Bruce to star in two films
Plays supporting role in first episode of TV series Longstreet titled "Way of the Intercepting Fist"
Joins Golden Harvest to shoot two movies
Departs for Thailand to film "The Big Boss"
Returns to Hong Kong after "The Big Boss" completes and gives impromptu interview at airport
Sits for interview by Tam Peng Man in TVB for "Enjoy Yourself Tonight"
Sits for interview by Gou Leung and David Lo in ATV
Back to USA to film three additional episodes of Longstreet

Bruce meets with Warner Bros. Tom Kuhn to discuss the Kung Fu TV series
Departs for Hong Kong with Linda, Shannon and Brandon
Sits for interview by Lau Ka Kit on HKTVBs "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" with Bob Baker
"The Big Boss" premiers and makes $3.2M in 23 days
Appears in a special program on HKTVB for The Big Boss
Receives telegram from Warner Bros that Kung Fu TV series has been rejected
Sits for interview with Pierre Burton. Episode airs in HKTVB in January 21, 1972
Forms own production company Concord Productions
"Fist of Fury" premiers at midnight
"Fist of Fury" premieres and breaks all records set by "The Big Boss"

Stirling Silliphant arrives in Hong Kong to discuss The Silent Flute

Departs for Rome for the shooting of "Way of the Dragon"

Bruce, Raymond Chow, Chaplin Chang and Tadashi Nishimoto (cinematographer) arrive in Rome

Bruce returns to Hong Kong with Bob Wall and Chuck Norris

Bruce appears on HKTVB's "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" with Chuck Norris and Bob Wall

Bruce attends Unicorn Palm press conference with fellow actor and friend Unicorn

Participates in HKTVB's telethon for June 18 Flood. Demonstrates with Brandon Lee and Wu Ngan
Moves into No. 41 Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong district

Bruce flys to Los Angeles to negotiate his contract with Warner Bros. for "Enter the Dragon" 
Begins filming fight sequences for "Game of Death"
Black Belt Magazine grants Lee the 1972 Martial Artist of the year Award

Bruce signs a contract with Warner Bros. to film "Enter the Dragon"

Bruce appears on HKTVB's "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" to celebrate TVB's 5th anniversary

Signs contract with Warner Bros for "Enter the Dragon"

Sifu Yip Man passes away

Selected as one of the Top 10 Movie Stars by Overseas Chinese Daily

Bruce attends Yip Man's memorial ceremony with other Wing Chun students
"Way of the Dragon" premiers at midnight and breaks previous box office records

Bruce's students Ted Wong and Herb Jackson visit Bruce in Hong Kong

James Yimm Lee passes away from cancer in Oakland, CA

Takes out $200,000 life insurance policy with American International Assurance (AIA) Company

Begins production of "Enter the Dragon"
Bruce is guest of honor for Sports Day ceremony at St. Xaviers School

Bruce takes out 2nd life insurance policy this time for $1,350,000 from Lloyd's of London

Appears on HKTVB's Montage Show with Raymond Chow

Collapses at Golden Harvest Studios during dubbing session for "Enter the Dragon"
Flies to California to conduct complete physical exam. During this time he meets with Dan Inosanto for the last time
Clashes with director Lo Wei at Golden harvest studios
Sits for interview by Ho Sau Shun in TVB for the show "Enjoy Yourself Tonight"
Loses consciousness at Betty Ting Pei’s apartment. He is rushed to Queen Elizabeth hospital where he is pronounced dead at 11:30 pm
Over 25,000 people attend Lees Kowloon funeral service
A second funeral is held at Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle where Lee is laid to rest. Pall bearers include Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Dan Inosanto and brother Robert Lee
"Enter the Dragon" premieres at Graumann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA
The cause of Lee’s death is cited as Death by Misadventure by the coroner

Tao of Jeet Kune Do is published by Ohara Publications

"Game of Death" is released. Producers combine unused real footage of Bruce with body doubles, tricky camera shots and cardboard cutouts. Bruce Lee spins in his grave!

Bruce Lee receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

"Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" starring Jason Scott Lee (no relation) is released

Bruce Lee receives lifetime achievement award at 13th annual Hong Kong film awards

Hong Kong post office releases Bruce Lee postage stamp

Some of Bruce Lee's original students meet in Seattle to form "The Nucleus"

Bruce Lee Day declared in Puerto Rico

Bruce Lee Day declared in San Francisco, CA

Bruce Lee receives Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy Legacy Award in London, England

Bruce Lee named Star of the Century at the Hong Kong Film Awards

Bruce Lee statue revealed in Mosar, Bosnia

Bruce Lee statue revealed in Hong Kong

Congressional resolution to recognize Bruce Lee's impact on American culture

Bruce Lee statue unveiled in Los Angeles, CA

"Bruce Lee: Kung Fu - Art - Life" exhibition opens in Hong Kong

Bruce Lee Day declared in Seattle, WA

"Do You Know Bruce" Year 1 exhibition opens at the Wing Luke Museum in Chinatown, Seattle WA and runs from October 4, 2014 through September 6, 2015

"Do You Know Bruce" Year 2 exhibition opens and will run from October 3, 2015 through September 4, 2016 at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle WA

"Do You Know Bruce Lee" Year 3 exhibition opens at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle WA