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Bruce Lee Address History



Bruce was born on November 27, 1940 at Chinese Hospital, 845 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA 94133. In 1998, on the 25th anniversary of his death, a plaque was placed at the Chinese Hospital honoring his birth

When baby Bruce came home from the hospital he lived with his mother at 18 Trenton Street, San Francisco CA 94133. His father, Lee Hoi Chuen, toured the United States with the Chinese Opera Company for three more months before returning to San Francisco to take his family back to Hong Kong. This is the address on Bruce's birth certificate. Click each picture to see a larger version of Bruce Lee's birth certificate as well as baby Bruce's Immigration and Naturalization paperwork

When Bruce first returned to the United States in 1959 he lived at 654 Jackson St, San Francisco CA 94133 before moving to Seattle where he lived for several years. This is the address on Bruce's first US drivers license and selective service card

In 1964 Bruce gave a Wing Chun demonstration at the Sun Sing Theater (now the Sun Sing Center) at 1021 Grant Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133 (between Pacific St and Jackson St). This demonstration became controversial when some in attendance asserted Bruce had boastfully challenged anyone in the audience to prove they were a better martial artist than him. This resulted in the famous fight between Bruce and Wong Jack Man at Lee's Oakland martial arts studio in late 1964. Contrary to popular belief the fight was NOT about Lee teaching martial arts to non-Chinese.  

Bruce and Linda lived with James Yimm Lee (no relation) and family in the Maxwell Park area of Oakland at 3039 Monticello Avenue, Oakland CA 94619

Some sources state that James Lee and student Al Novak established a Jun Fan Gung Fu location in Hayward California at 26663 Mission Blvd, Hayward California (Haymont Shopping Center). However, I have been unable to confirm whether Bruce taught at this location or in fact had anything to do with it​

In 1964 Bruce opened the second Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute at 4157 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611.  The building is no longer there but stood near here where this car dealership is now located at 4145 Broadway. James Yimm Lee became his senior instructor


There is some debate over whether Lee's school was located at 4157 or 4175 Broadway. However, the Oakland City Permit completed 7/20/64 confirms the 4157 Broadway address.The confusion over the correct location is evident even today by the fact that official Bruce Lee website www.brucelee.com sells a t-shirt with the incorrect address of 4175 Broadway. Click each picture to see a larger version

In 1967 Bruce established the 3rd Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute at 628 W. College Street, Los Angleles CA 90012. Dan Inosanto became his senior instructor

Bruce lived in the Barrington Plaza apartments located at 11740 Wilshire Boulevard, Apt A-2308, Los Angeles CA 90025

Bruce and Linda rented several different apartments and houses before purchasing their first home in 1968. Linda states in her book "Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew" that they moved four times in a 2-year period

They lived in an apartment at 10976 Wilshire Boulevard (Wilshire and Gayley), Apartment 3, Los Angeles CA 90024 in 1966. This is now a high rise office building. Click each picture to see a larger version

Bruce and Linda lived in this house at 2509 W. 115th Place, Inglewood (Hawthorne) CA 90250 in 1967. Click each picture to see a larger version

Bruce and Linda rented this house at 4114 Van Buren Place, Culver City CA 90232 in 1967/68. Click each picture to see a larger version

In 1968 Bruce and Linda purchased their first home in Bel Air CA for $47,000. The address is 2551 Roscomare, Bel Air CA 90077 and is just off famous Mulholland Drive. Click each picture to see a larger version

There have been several locations over the years for Dan Inosanto's training academy. In April 1974, Dan opened the Filipino Kali Academy at 23018 S. Normandie, Torrance CA 90710

Today Dan Inosanto's "Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts" is located at 13348 - 13352 Beach Avenue, Marina Del Rey CA 90292. Click each picture to see a larger version

Today the home of Bruce Lee Enterprises is 1460 4th Street, Suite 210, Santa Monica CA 90401. Phone 310-451-9990. Fax 310-451-9992

The Bruce Lee Educational Foundation is listed at 11693 San Vincente Boulevard, Suite 918, Los Angeles CA 90049. However, this is just a mail drop site and is actually the address of the Brentwood Mailbox Center

Brandon Lee

Brandon Bruce Lee was born on February 1, 1965 at East Oakland Hospital, Oakland CA. Now called the Fruitvale Gateway Building located at 2648 International Blvd it was originally built in 1929. The hospital was closed sometime in the 1990's.


Brandon lived with his mom and sister Shannon in this house at 7 Lariat Lane, Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274

Brandon attended high school at nearby Chadwick School, 26800 S. Academy Drive, Palos Verdes Peninsula CA 90274

​Brandon lived with his fiancee Eliza Hutton at 1905 Benedict Canyon Drive,  Beverly Hills CA 90210 at the time of his death. Click each picture to see a larger version

Shannon Lee

Shannon Emery Lee was born April 19, 1969 at Santa Monica General Hospital, Santa Monica CA. In 1994 she married Ian Keasler and is now known as Shannon Lee Keasler

Linda (Emery) Lee

At age 36, Linda received her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from California State University, 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach CA 90802-4210​. Click each picture to see a larger version

Linda married Tom Bleecker in 1988 and they divorced in 1990. 

Today Linda lives in Boise, Idaho with her 3rd husband, former stockbroker Bruce G. Cadwell. They were married in 1991.